CMC Data and Reporting

For the convenience of commissioners and other stakeholders, since 2013 Coordinate My Care (CMC) has offered a wide range of management information reports (see the attachment below for details). These are available in PDF format either on an ad hoc basis or as scheduled monthly/quarterly deliveries, and should be requested via the CMC Helpdesk.

The CMC system previously provided a small number of built-in reports accessible directly by users (e.g. Patient List Report). These were intended solely for use operationally (e.g. in MDT meetings). However, we have become aware that they were in use by some practices for management information purposes (e.g. CCG reporting); unfortunately CMC is unable to support such usage, for Information Governance (IG) reasons.

The built-in reporting functionality will be re-introduced over time, but with a purely operational focus. In the meantime, if a practice requires access to its Patient List for operational purposes, please contact the CMC Helpdesk and we will provide a spreadsheet.


For Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) reporting purposes, the following practice level reports are recommended and are available via the CMC Helpdesk:

  • Practice Statistics – Individual Practice
  • GP Activity Report – Individual Practice
  • Patient Care Plan Creation Report – Individual Practice
  • Mortality Statistics by Practice and Month


The CCG has access to the same information across all relevant practices via these reports:

  • Practice Statistics by CCG
  • GP Activity Report
  • Patient Care Plan Creation Report
  • Mortality Statistics by CCG and Month


Additional reports available at CCG level and broken down by practice are:

  • Data Overview – Individual CCG
  • CCG Activity Report