EMIS In-Context Link

The Coordinate My Care (CMC) service is now accessible via EMIS Web using an ‘in-context link’.

What this means for CMC users is that within EMIS Web, you will be able to create, edit and approve a CMC urgent care plan for your patients which will immediately be viewable by all the urgent care services including 111, the out of hours GP services and the London Ambulance Service.


How this works:

  • In the same place where EMIS Web users access the summary care record (SCR), you will now find a CMC tab
  • If you are accessing a patient record in EMIS Web, you will automatically be able to see if the patient has a CMC urgent care plan
  • You can access your patients CMC urgent care plan within EMIS Web without having to search for the patient again or log in to CMC separately
  • You will also be able to create a new CMC urgent care plan for a patient who is already registered in EMIS Web


The following materials are to support GPs in accessing CMC from EMIS Web. These include a step-by-step guide for users so they can see what screens and prompts they will see when launching CMC from EMIS Web and the functions they will be able to perform.

In addition there is a resource for practice managers who will need to configure or ‘switch on’ this functionality at the practice level.